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Virtual Farm Tours

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

There's no doubt that this is a difficult and unusual time that we are all living in. While the country is slowly re-opening, many people are still choosing to stay at home. Parents are juggling work and homeschooling their children which can be quite challenging. Saint Francis Farm is here to help! We have hosted several successful virtual farm tours for children via FaceTime and Facebook Messenger across the country. The tours include a visit to the Pig Pavilion, where the pigs ham it up for the camera, sitting on command for a tasty treat. Then we move onto the chicken coop where some of the kids have witnessed a hen laying an egg. We also spend time with the Goats, Horses, and the lovable Donkey Odie. The children enjoy seeing the animals and we also make it educational and interactive by sharing interesting facts and encouraging questions. Parents have told us that the kids thoroughly enjoy the virtual tour and continue to talk about their experience. The tours are not just for children, we have also had adults join us for tours with a glass of wine in hand from the comfort of their homes. The tours typically last about a half hour and your tax deductible donations go towards caring for the animals. We enjoy facilitating these tours, providing educational information about the animals, and sharing the cast of characters with the public. It's a welcome relief from the current events and leaves us all with a big smile and a warm heart. Contact us to book your tour today!

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